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Join the AD Associate Program

Supplement Your Regular Training And Unlock Your Dance Potential

Refine and master your skills with the AD Associate Program. Immerse yourself in a transformative training experience led by renowned dancer and choreographer Aaron Dwyer.  

"...Aaron you're so inspiring to these children, the competition really gave a great message to the children."

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Jazz technique

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Stamina & Conditioning

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Audition Technique

Introducing The AD Associate Program

The Dance Intensives Associate Program is an educational program specifically focused on the study of the "Healthy Dancer," providing students with a strong foundation in various dance techniques, choreography, performance skills, and audition techniques.
Dancers will undergo intensive training in different techniques to improve balance, coordination, pick up, stamina, musicality, flexibility, performance, pirouettes, and leaps in a jazz-style based class.
The program offers concentrated and immersive training in technique, allowing dancers to see significant improvement over five months.

All Of This In 1 x 4 Hour Session Once A Month:


Dancers are given assignments to improve their technique in their own time, resulting in a significant improvement over the course of the program.

Proper Body Alignment and Injury Prevention

Participants will learn about proper body alignment, discuss dance anatomy, and understand the science behind dance, promoting injury prevention, improved stagecraft, and dance ethos.

Performance Opportunities

The program often offers end-of-term performance class showcases, giving dancers the chance to demonstrate their talent, passion and hard work.

Jazz technique

Aaron's 15 years of experience and his unique jazz technique provide a distinct and specialized approach to learning jazz.
Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own style, expand their repertoire, and gain a deeper understanding of jazz dance


Flexibility is crucial in jazz dancing for executing moves with ease and preventing injuries.
The program incorporates stretches for flexibility, helping participants improve their range of motion and enhance their overall performance.

Stamina & Conditioning

Immerse your dancers in an environment that fosters creativity and personal growth. Aaron's infectious energy, passion for dance, and supportive teaching style will motivate participants to reach new levels of excellence.

Audition Technique

Preparing participants for auditions is an essential component of the program.
The audition technique session focuses on teaching participants how to present themselves, perform under pressure, and stand out during auditions, increasing their chances of success in the competitive dance industry.


AD Associates - Bristol Overview

2024 Dates (All Sundays):

7th January, 11th February, 3rd March, 7th April, 19th May


13:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2QD

Session Schedule:

13:00 - 14:30: Conditioning & Flexibility

14:45 - 15:45: Technique Kicks, Leaps & Turns

16:00 - 17:00: Audition Technique

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Why Choose AD Associates

Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his classes. With his extensive background as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer across the UK and Europe, Aaron is a sought-after educator who inspires dancers to reach their full potential.
Your dancers will benefit from Aaron's unique teaching style, infectious energy, and dedication to fostering growth and artistry.


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I loved the way Aaron consistently praised the dancers. Will definitely be back



...amazing experience for my daughther,  her first dance competition and her first workshop



...absolutely wonderful!! Our daughter, lucy  had an amazing day!! Everyone was so supportive

Booking Your Place

Secure your spot on AD Associates Bristol today by selecting the 'Book Now' option below. 

Last Date To Register: 10th February 2024

Cost: £200 for the complete term (4 x sessions) payable as either one single £200 payment, or choose our affordable payment plan (pay £100 today, followed by 2 monthly payments of £60 - total repayable = £220). You will be given the opportunity to select your plan at checkout. 

For further details contact:

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