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Book Aaron Dwyer for a Class at Your Studio or Event

Level-up Your Dance Experience with Aaron Dwyer

Bring one of the UK's finest dance educators, Aaron Dwyer, to your dance studio or event for a custom class tailored to your needs.

"...Aaron you're so inspiring to these children, the competition really gave a great message to the children."

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Treat Your Students To An Aaron Dwyer Masterclass

Host Aaron Dwyer - an exceptional dance educator and the founder of Take the Stage dance competition - at your dance studio or event. With his extensive experience and passion for dance, Aaron will provide a customised class that will take your dancers' skills to new heights.

Expert Instruction

Receive expert instruction from Aaron Dwyer, a renowned dance educator with years of experience. His extensive knowledge and teaching expertise will help dancers refine their technique, enhance artistry, and grow as performers

Customized Experience

Enjoy a fully customizable dance experience tailored to your unique needs. Aaron will work closely with you to create a class or workshop that aligns with your goals, dance styles, skill levels, and desired outcomes.

+ Learning Environment

Immerse your dancers in an environment that fosters creativity and personal growth. Aaron's infectious energy, passion for dance, and supportive teaching style will motivate participants to reach new levels of excellence.

A Bespoke Workshop For Your School

Choose the date, time, duration, and location that suit your schedule and venue. Aaron specializes in Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and the technical training associated with these styles, along with audition tips and a strength and flexibility focus.

Simply submit the enquiry form below and let us know the age range and skill levels of your dancers. This will enable Aaron to tailor the class or workshop specifically to the needs of your event, ensuring a postive education experience.

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Why Choose Aaron Dwyer

Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his classes. With his extensive background as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer across the UK and Europe, Aaron is a sought-after educator who inspires dancers to reach their full potential.
Your dancers will benefit from Aaron's unique teaching style, infectious energy, and dedication to fostering growth and artistry.


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I loved the way Aaron consistently praised the dancers. Will definitely be back



...amazing experience for my daughther,  her first dance competition and her first workshop



...absolutely wonderful!! Our daughter, lucy  had an amazing day!! Everyone was so supportive

Booking Process

Fill out the custom form below to enquire about booking Aaron Dwyer for a class or workshop at your dance studio or event. Our team will be in touch with you promptly to discuss availability, pricing, and any additional details.
Act swiftly to secure your preferred dates, where possible giving at least 14 days notice -as Aaron's availability is limited.


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to provide your dancers with an unforgettable learning experience!

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